This Working Life

Work adn Family Researchers NetworkI’ve just had the opportunity to attend the Work Family Research Network (WFRN) conference in Washington D.C. I wore both my hat as a practitioner from Stanford, but also as the President of College and University WorkLife and Family Association (CUWFA). During the conference I heard the presentation of a number of fascinating papers that reflected so many of the themes we as practitioners see in our work every single day. With over 100 breakout sessions, with three to four papers presented in each, I didn’t even come close to hearing all of the great work being represented at WFRN. However, what was abundantly clear and reflected in the research hypotheses, observations, and paper presentations I heard were the realities of the parents and employees we touch with our programs, services and interventions. The data being collected by these researchers supports the work we do every day as practitioners.

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