CUWFA GenerationsDid you know that there are five different generations alive in the world today? Why is this so important for we who work in academia?

It’s because we need answers to:

  • How do we bridge the generation gaps?
  • How do we address the conflicts that occur when Gen X’ers and Millennials work side by side?
  • What does it mean for higher education that Millennials expect to change jobs in the structured, hierarchical world of TENURE SYSTEMS?
  • What motivates Millennial faculty and staff to stay or leave? At what point will they leave? Consider returning?
  • How will campuses respond to resistance from Boomers and Gen X’ers to changes that accommodate Millennials?
  • How can institutions of higher education become more flexible to meet the needs of staff and faculty across the generations?
  • How do we help Millennial students to be academically successful and transition them to adulthood? What type of teaching, leadership, and supervision are they looking for? What strategies work?

To learn more about generational difference, check out these books: