Employee WellnessIn this climate of tension between shrinking organizational resources and relentless personal and professional demands on employees, we need to keep a sustained focus on investing in employee wellness. Employee wellness is not just a “nice to have” option as employers reap great rewards, including increased productivity and engagement, reduced medical and disability costs, and reduced absenteeism.

A key challenge in times of shrinking resources is to direct our focus on the long term, significant, and well documented benefits of effective wellness programs and to prevent more immediate pressures from getting in the way. Among the many strategies to garner senior management support for wellness programming is the use of high quality research (see resources below) to support the multiple benefits of effective wellness programs and to link them to the strategic plan.

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Teresa Scannell, M.Ed. is a Career and Work-Life Consultant, University of Toronto and Vice-President, CUWFA Board of Directors