Hot Off the Presses!

The Summer 2016 issue of the Quarterly Review of Work-Life Policy and Practice is now available. In addition to lots of photos from the Lexington Conference, we have a number of articles that we hope will be of interest:

  • We covered the Keynote address by Brigid Schulte, and it was amazing!    We also reported on Ronnie Mae Weiss’s presentation on creative ways to engage the Millennials in your organization.
  • We arm-twisted Kathy Simons, one of our Founding Femmes and the first Co-President of CUWFA, into writing a reflection of her time at CUWFA and as director of the Work/Life program at MIT.   It is an amazing account of the things she accomplished, as well as a “looking forward” piece about her upcoming retirement.  Positively inspirational.
  • Sandy Batchelor wrote a great piece about innovative Wellness Ambassador program at UC  Davis, and how it manages to extend resources and at the same time  generate enthusiasm on the part of the staff who might otherwise not participate in the programs.
  • A quick plea from the Information Management Committee urges you to update your institution’s website on the CUWFA website and extend your outreach.   Please take a few minutes to  do this, as many non-CUWFA schools may need this to find out about your programs.

 Finally, the dates have been announced for the 2017 Conference in—where?—well, you’ll just have to find the announcement!!!