Board of Directors

Executive Committee 2023-24

Caitlin Azhderian, Stanford University, President
Lesley Lundeen, Northwestern University, Past President
Grace Cosachov Protos, New York University, Vice President
Mary Ellen Eady, Emory University, Secretary
Jaimie Hutchison, Michigan State University, President-Elect
Angelica Viramontes, Stanford University, Treasurer
Lourdes Rodriguez, University of Arizona, Member at Large

Directors-at-Large 2023-24

Carol Hoffman, Columbia University, Retired
Sandy Batchelor, University of California, Davis
Ana Agud, Virginia Tech
Nancy Costikyan, Harvard University
Amy Rabinowitz, Columbia University
Michele Vancour, Southern Connecticut State University
Angela Reese, Indiana University
Jessica Cole, University of Washington

Contribute to the understanding and development of the work/family field

The CUWFA Board is comprised of up to 15 members plus the Past President. Elections are held annually for up to 1/3 of the Board, or 5 members. Board members serve for terms of three (3) years.  To encourage broad participation, build organizational leadership, and bring new energy and ideas, Board members may not serve more than two consecutive terms.